Martes, Mayo 1, 2007


As a "ten year old priest", it is always my firm belief that the Word of God is ever dynamic, full of life, challenging, life changing! Sad to say, this is not what I see whenever I celebrate Mass and preach every Sunday. Worse, the dwindling number of young people during Sunday celebrations made me think twice on the efficacy of God's Word. Ask them why and you will hear these comments: "It's so boring! What they are saying is so archaic and too much moralizing! I had enough with my parents' sermons... don't add up please!" It's a wake up call for me as minister of God's Word. Either I make my homily "younger" or loose slowly these young souls... the future of the Church! PRO-YOUTH GOSPEL REFLECTION are reflections specially tailored for the "hard to satisfy youth". This is not suppose to replace their going to Mass every Sunday and listen to boring priests' homily but rather it should help them understand better the Word of God and how to live it in their daily life. If you are young this space is for you. If you are not so young... well you can still be young at heart.

Reflections will mainly be written in Filipino or tagalog as my targets are the "young masa". Another reason is that i want that my reflections will reach the heart of its readers and not only the mind. Iba ang dating kapag binasa mo sa ating wika... may kagat sa puso!

You will also find the reflections contained in one or two paragraphs. Practically, a less than 30 seconds reading... marami kasi sa mga kabataan natin ang tamad magbasa... ayaw mag-isip... mabilis ang attention span... But i hope that the shorter is my reflection... the longer its effects in young people's lives.

All said then... let's start blogging... Mabuhay ang kabataan!

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